Update from RPD: Increase in Car Larcenies

The Goodman Section (which includes Upper Monroe) has seen a recent uptick in car larcenies.  RPD reminds us:  Don’t leave valuables in your vehicles in plain view, lock your vehicle doors, properly secure your windows, arm car alarms, and if you observe any suspicious activity promptly report it, via 911.

Additional Safety Notes:

Bicycles continue to be a target, whether in a garage or porch, even when locked.  If you can, take your bike inside.

We’ve heard reports of “sales people” going door to door.  If you see something that feels suspicious – report it!  Call 911.

Did you know:

City parking ordinance prohibits and tickets are pricey:

  1. Parking within 5 feet of a driveway
  2. Parking within 15 feet of a hydrant
  3. Parking on “front lawns” – if you are between the street and front setback of the house, your vehicle must be entirely on a driveway.  No front lawn, nor sidewalk, parking is permitted.

Speaking of front sidewalks:

With all this rain – have your bushes or hedges encroached on the front sidewalk???  If so it’s time to trim.

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