RPD Night Watch Program

Hello Everyone,

This week you have been notified of the increase in reported property crimes within The Goodman Section, specifically “thefts from vehicles”.  With these increases, there has been a deployment of additional police resources and additional daily patrols both in the uniform and plainclothes capacity.  We are producing positive results in identifying suspicious persons and making arrests, but we need to do more.  That is the basis of The Night Watch concept.

The Goodman Section has been successful in arresting thieves when the victim or witness calls to report suspicious activity.  We need more of this.  We want to create a cadre of volunteers from your neighborhoods to watch over your streets at night and report any suspicious activity.  This does not involve foot patrols or normal Pac Tac procedures. You can post at your residence and watch over your street or immediate neighborhood and phone in any suspicious activity to 911.

A few hours at night seated in the evening Summer weather on your porch will suffice.  With work, this program can grow to include most if not all area neighborhoods.  We will do the groundwork to alert you to specific trends or times/days that most crimes are occurring.  Communication is key to success.  We want to develop Street Captains who can recruit and establish interested participants who will be coordinated with adjoining streets & neighborhoods to ensure overlapping coverage.

Other areas within the city and Monroe County are experiencing car break-ins as well.   Suspects are traveling from outside of your neighborhoods onto your streets to commit these crimes.  We cannot be everywhere all the time.  We need your help in combating this problem.

This program is in its infancy and will be developed with your specific needs in mind.   There will be flexibility built into this program to insure all concerns are met.  You are the deciding factor and the drive in the development and implementation of The Night Watch program.

Please contact your Goodman Section NSC Office at 428-7640 and ask to speak to your NSC officer for more information.

Thank you again for your time.


Gar Mitchell

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