Safety Notes

Emergency Assistance Repair Program – Hot Water Heaters, Furnaces, Main Water Line Break

The EARP program is a City emergency program designed to assist owner occupants with non-working furnaces and hot water tanks and broken water lines. This is not a program to replace old but working furnaces and water tanks. This is for EMERGENCIES, especially the elderly and families with small children, where the furnace or hot water tank is completely non-functional. Available to owner occupant of single family homes.

Contact Action for a Better Community, 8:30 – 5:00 Monday – Friday.  . Their number is 325-7550 x3406. Jeanette Hernandez manages the program.


Rochester Fire Department Community Outreach

The Rochester Fire Department is committed to doing all it can to keep our community safe. Our Community Outreach staff offers fire safety presentations that can be tailored to your community group or organization. Topics can include: cooking safety, home safety for children, smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation, Exit Drills in the Home (EDITH), emergency preparedness, and more. Unfortunately, due to staffing considerations, we cannot accommodate all requests. Non-profit groups serving the City of Rochester hosting meetings or events with more than 25 people will be given first priority. Please also be aware that our presence may be limited during peak times of the year when our first priority must be emergency response. Please allow three week notice.  To see our public community outreach and contact flier, Click Here  For Fire Safety presentation requests, send an email request to Gerri Cioppa at

Smoke Detector Program

The Community Outreach Unit conducts neighborhood canvassing by going door-to-door to check if city residents in that neighborhood have active smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. We take requests from city residents who need these items or assist in installing or inspecting them.  Click here  for further information or call 311 to request a free smoke detector, for qualified residents..

Outdoor Fires in the City of Rochester:  What you need to know Outdoor weather will return… Please read the attached flyer from the Rochester Fire Department before enjoying any outside fires.

HydrantConsider giving our fire hydrants some TLC.

We should keep our fire hydrants free of snow in the winter and free of cars blocking them at all times of the year. It is illegal to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant and there is a $100 for doing so.

Attached is a comprehensive listing of current and past scams that have been found in and around our area from RPD 5/14/2015 Scam Alerts ETPI 5-2015.docx.doc – Google Drive

Crime Prevention: As always, feel free to contact Brian Bannerman, Crime Prevention Officer with any questions or concerns.  Rochester NY Police Department,  East Division / SENSC, 846 S. Clinton Av. Rochester NY 14620, Office: 585-428-7647

Holiday Safety Tips – from Rochester Police Department

SAFETY NOTES: I have received a number of notes from neighbors reminding me that criminal activity does not take a holiday.  First and foremost, if you see or hear anything out of place, call it in! I can’t say that often enough.  Half a dozen neighbors mentioned hearing gun shots in the middle of the night a few weeks back, but Crime Prevention Officer Brian Bannerman reports no one called anything in.  Even if all you do is hear something, without seeing or knowing the specific origin, CALL it in.  Suspicious person in your or your neighbor’s back yard, CALL it in.  And as always, be aware and careful of your surroundings.  Officer Bannerman reports no particular increase in criminal activity. Robberies are an ongoing issue throughout the city.  Cell phones & purses while walking, especially at night, cars being ransacked for anything with value. Gas siphoned from cars during the night. Packages have been disappearing from front doorways. This is a long standing issue in urban areas.  Are you placing an order for delivery… have it delivered to an address where it will be received in person, or instruct Fed Ex & UPS (note on your door) to NOT deliver if you aren’t home.  Not as convenient, but safer to pick it up at the FedEx or UPS than have it disappear.  It’s just too easy for thieves to help themselves once the delivery truck goes down the block.  Lock whatever you can.  Pay attention, and call it in.  

  • Be informed and aware.  And for the sake of the entire neighborhood, if you see something that doesn’t look right, please, call it in!  Always! With the glorious weather, more people out and about, though not all of whom are welcome.  Attached are two RPD notices regarding scam artists and Energy Company door to door solicitations.  RPD has also provided the following two links:
    • The link below provides valuable instructions on how to receive important information through our Hyperlink system on your cell phone.   Don’t have a landline? Here’s how you can sign-up for reverse 911 calls
    • The link below provides valuable information on how to avoid becoming a victim when buying or selling on Craigslist.   Protecting yourself from Craiglist robberies and scams
    • Outside Fires –  Can you or Can’t you –  Do’s and Don’ts from the Rochester Fire Department:  With the nicer weather many people like to enjoy outside fires, from bonfires and fire pits to cooking over an open flame. Recreational fires should be able to be enjoyed outdoors as long as there is enough space and safety precautions are taken. Rochester does have regulation regarding what and where they are permitted.
      2016 ID Theft Prevention 2016

Electronic Device safety… Crime Prevention Bulletin from RPD – Police report an increase in cell phone, iPod and, iPads robberies throughout the Southeast Area, including Upper Monroe including from pedestrians.  Police flyer attached with safety suggestions.

STAY  SMART: This is the time of year when people leave their garage doors open “just for a few minutes” and their front doors open while they are “just inside their house.” It only takes a minute for burglars to pop in and make off with jewelry, electronics, bicycles, etc. Use common sense and guard yourself by NOT leaving garage doors, windows, etc. open EVEN FOR A MINUTE. A certain amount of crime comes from life in urban areas (sadly) and we all need to take these elemental precautions. Some of us have lived in our houses for 30-40+ years and either have been robbed ourselves, or know someone who has! Doing the right thing includes REPORTING THESE ATTEMPTS TO THE POLICE.  (Thanks David Day from Azalea neighborhood for this timely reminder.)

Beware of scam: “Our Police Locust Club has advised us that they have heard reports of a company or individuals seeking phone solicitations for the “PBA” (Police Benevolent Association).  Please be advised that none of our local PBA’s (Police Unions) conduct phone solicitations.  This is more than likely a scam.  Police Organizations rarely , if ever solicit donations. If you are contacted by anyone for this purpose, ask for a contact name and phone number so that I can investigate the matter further. If you get contact information from a “PBA” solicitor, please forward that information to me. Thank you. “Brian Bannerman, Crime Prevention Officer, Rochester NY Police Department, East Division / SENSC, 846 S. Clinton Av., Rochester NY 14620, Office: 585-428-7647

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