Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association

UMNA BoulevAart Project 2013

Upper Monroe BoulevART Planning Team meeting. 

If you would like to help out with this neighborhood-building and traffic calming event, please contact John Thomas  BoulevART | Meeting July 9  – Tuesday at 7:30 at New Life Church.  It’s happening.  Do come to join in planning for our street pavement painting project. 

Some of us from UMNA helped out the BoulevART Street Painting at Linden & Meigs Intersection in 2012.  Here's a few photos from that day.



City of Rochester BoulevArt Program



What is BoulevArt? The City of Rochester's BoulevArt program combines neighborhood traffic calming with community building to result in a truly public piece of art. The purpose of the program is to support neighborhoods seeking to organize and create painted murals on their residential streets. In addition to beautifying a neighborhood, BoulevArt also achieves a traffic calming effect for areas that experience high traffic volumes or speeding traffic. When a street does not qualify for other traffic calming features like speed humps or stop signs, painting the street has been a proven mechanism for slowing traffic and creating a safer environment.