No May UMNA meeting so we may attend the Cobb’s Hill meeting. UMNA next meets June 5th.

Excellus BCBS Paid High School Internship Program! Application Deadline May 11

See here for details and forms

Council member-on-the-Corner Series with Malik Evans

Monday, May 7 | 5:00 pm | Corner of Norris Drive & Culver Road (lawn outside Lake Riley Lodge in Cobb’s Hill Park)

Rochester City Council Member Malik Evans is pleased to announce the kick off of his Council Member on the Corner Series. Council Member on the Corner will be a regular opportunity for Evans to hear directly from neighborhood constituents.

“I campaigned on meeting people where they are. I intend to listen to the hopes and concerns of City residents all over Rochester. Council Member on the Corner will allow me to do just that,” said Evans “These meetings will take place around the City in different neighborhoods, and I will select public gathering places, that highlight assets in our community, kicking off with my own neighborhood.”

The first Council Member on the Corner session will take place on Monday, May 7, 2018 at 5:00pm in Cobbs Hill Park, on the corner of Norris Drive and Culver Road (on the lawn outside of Lake Riley Lodge). Additional sessions to follow.

Malik Evans is a Council member At-Large. He represents ALL city residents rather than a specific district. Come, let him hear from you directly.

Neighborhood Spring Clean-Up is Saturday!

Saturday, May 5 | 9:00 – 11:00 or 12:00 | CLEAN SWEEP

Meet at the Garden at the Corner of Monroe & Laburnum

Many hands make light work --- do come out for a couple of hours to spruce up the neighborhood. Weeding and mulching the gardens UMNA maintains, along with general clean up, are planned.Bring a shovel and gloves if you have them.

Monroe Reads to End Racism

Saturday, May 5 | 2:00 – 4:00 | Monroe Branch Library Children’s Room | For Young People and their Families

The Monroe Family YMCA and Monroe Branch Library, in partnership, offer this program to all of us.

What does freedom mean to you? What are your future dreams? This program will address matters of race, dreams, and freedom, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Frederick Douglass’ birth. It is part of a program series promoting racial justice through book discussion and team building.

Focus of the discussion is based on two new books:

Frederick Douglass: The Lion Who Wrote History by Walter Dean Myers, and illustrated by Floyd Cooper.

Freedom over me: Eleven slaves, their lives and dreams, written and illustrated by Ashley Bryan.

It is not necessary to read the books in advance. Come for a dramatic reading, projects, snacks, and a raffle for the Fredrick Douglass book. Questions – call Monroe Library at 428-8202

City Council to Hold Public Hearing Dedicated to Cobbs Hill Village Legislation

May 9, 2018 at 6:00 pm in City Council Chambers (30 Church Street)

Last week, the Rochester City Council received for consideration Introductory Number 150, legislation related to Cobbs Hill Village. While there is no requirement for public comment on this project, the Council has selected to hold a Public Hearing on this legislation because of significant community interest.

The Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 6:00 pm in City Council Chambers (30 Church Street). Individuals wishing to speak, will sign up at the hearing. Individuals do not need to sign up in advance for this Public Hearing

“The Cobbs Hill Village project has generated significant community input already, and as a Council we wanted to make sure that every voice was heard,” said Neighborhood and Business Development Committee Chair, Michael A. Patterson, “This Public Hearing will provide a dedicated time for the community to talk about this legislation.”

“As a body, Council has used information gathered from the public to inform our deliberation and decision making,” said Council President Loretta C. Scott, “We know that our citizens have valuable information to share, and we look forward to hearing from the community on this matter.”

Media Contact: BJ Scanlon, (585) 428-7538.

Nuisance Points Abatement Legislation Public Hearings

The Public Hearings will be held on:

  • Thursday, May 10 at 5:00 PM in City Council Chambers (30 Church Street)
  • Wednesday, May 16 at 6:00 PM in City Council Chambers (30 Church Street)
  • Monday, May 21 at 5:30 PM in City Council Chambers (30 Church Street)

Individuals wishing to speak will sign up at the hearing; individuals do not need to sign up in advance for this Public Hearing. Prior to the Public Hearing, a brief presentation will be provided regarding changes to this legislation.

“The abatement of nuisances is one of the most important functions we have as a City, we have a responsibility to maintain a high quality of life for all of our residents,” said Neighborhood and Business Development Committee Chair, Michael A. Patterson, “This Public Hearing will provide a dedicated time for the community to share their perspective, and provide feedback on this important issue.”

Can’t Attend? Email comments and concerns to

Clean Sweep is Coming!

Saturday, May 5 | 9:00 – 11:00 or 12:00

Meet at the Garden at the Corner of Monroe & Laburnum

Many hands make light work --- do come out for a couple of hours to spruce up the neighborhood. Weeding and mulching the gardens UMNA maintains, along with general clean up, are planned. Bring a shovel and gloves if you have them.

Free Shuttle Service to City of Rochester Public MarketResumes Saturday

The free shuttle to the City of Rochester Public Market from the East End Parking Garage, 475 E. Main St., will begin its seasonal operating schedule starting Saturday, May 5 and will run every Saturday through Oct. 27. The shuttle will also be in service for Food Truck Rodeo events on the last Wednesday of each month.

"The Market Shuttle is a great option for getting to and from the Market on busy season Saturdays, and for our very popular Food Truck Rodeos," said Mayor Lovely A. Warren. "The East End Garage offers easy parking on Saturdays just five minutes away from the Market, and this option is especially helpful for Downtown residents and visitors -- many of whom could easily walk to the stop at East Main and Scio."

On Saturdays, the first shuttle will depart the East End Garage near the corner of East Main and Scio Streets at 8 a.m., and drop off at the Market stop at the Union Street gateway entrance. The last shuttle will return to the East End Garage from the Market stop at 1 p.m. and will run in approximately 25-minute loops. Garage parking rates apply.

On the last Wednesday of the month through September, shuttle service to Food Truck Rodeo events will start at 5 p.m., with the final return ride departing the Market at 9:30 p.m. Evening parking rates apply. Please note, the shuttle will not be in service during the June 27 Food Truck Rodeo due to a conflicting Downtown event.

For more information on the Market Shuttle, visit

The Upper Monroe Neighborhood Gardens need a few more volunteers for just an hour every week or so!

Our garden volunteers meet Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:00 throughout the growing season to keep our public neighborhood gardens in top shape. Are you new to the neighborhood and looking to get involved a little? Long-time resident and ready to lend a hand? Contact Jane Alexander at to volunteer or inquire further.

It is not necessary to volunteer every week.Wednesdays not a good option for you --- other times are possible. Contact Jane.

Monroe Branch Library May Events Flyer is here.

Little League Teams are forming– don’t delay

Youth baseball and softball players of all skill levels are invited to register for local little league teams in Rochester.
Eastside Little League: Visit to register online or call (585) 633-1238 for more information.
The Genesee Valley Little League: Visit www.gvlittleleague.orgfor registration details, or call (585) 328-3768 for more information.
Southside Little League: Visit or contact the league via email at

Employment Opportunities

Green Visions: Growing Healthy Futures is accepting Workforce Development Program applications.Runs April 23 – Oct 1. See attached.

Cobb’s Hill Manor at 1175 Monroe Avenue:Several positions are currently posted on including Activity Manager, LPNs and Dishwasher/Bus Person.

Abundance Food Co-op on South Avenue has several openings.

Clean Sweep at Wide Water Gardens

Saturday | May 5 | 8:00 – 12:00

Plan to come to Wide Water Gardens by 9:00 for a couple of hours of neighborhood spring clean-up working side-by-side with neighbors.Advance sign up has been requested by the City by calling 311 or registering on the Clean Sweep website here. The registration form is under the May We Suggest list on the right hand side of the page.

Planning Commission Again Sides with Developers...

UMNA unanimously votes to continue its opposition…

Once again, siding with a developer, the City Planning Commission disregarded the community opposition and voted 4-2 Monday night, approving the demolition of 60 extremely low-income senior apartments at Cobb's Hill Village. Over thirty area community organizations, surrounding Neighborhood Associations, the Tenants Association of Cobb’s Hill Village and citizens from across the City, have been opposed to the project and many spoke out vehemently against the plan at the hearing.Person after person opposed the project - the line reached from one end of the City Council chambers to the other, and was re-filled several times.

Planning Commission deliberations ignored the gentrification of low-income seniors from the neighborhood, focusing much of their decision on building colors and design.

The current buildings are in good shape and offer housing that Rochester Seniors with Extremely Low Income can afford.

Rochester Management's (tax-exempt) plan will introduce affordable (not Low Income) and Market Rate housing into the middle of Cobb's Hill Park. The proposed six-building apartment complex will be two and three stories high, overwhelming the park and Historic Cobb's Hill.

City Council will now decide the fate of the 60 low-income apartments at Cobb’s Hill Village on Norris Drive. We need to preserve these apartments for Rochester's low-income seniors. The next step will be to take this to City Council (as early as mid-April), and we urgently need your help!

Last night, UMNA unanimously voted to continue to oppose the project. UMNA supports the position of the Coalition for Cobb’s Hill, which is attached, as well as a document describing how we arrived at this position. Briefly:

  1. The current buildings are in good shape. They have many years' service in them and offer housing that Rochester Seniors with Extremely Low Incomes ($13,000 - $20,000) can afford. The City, as you know, has an extremely high poverty rate, and the new buildings willdiminishthe stock of housing for Rochester seniors with extremely low incomes - from 60 to 20.
  2. Rochester Management's plan (they pay no city taxes as a tax-exempt organization) will introduce market-rate housing into the middle of Cobb’s Hill Park.
  3. The current buildings are unobtrusive, solid and comfortable; just 57 years old. The proposed new apartment complex will be three stories high in the front, two stories high in the back. They will intrude on and dominate the park - a total of 114,000 square feet. There will be a total of 104 units rather than the current 60.

Please let Elaine Spaull know your position. Her email is

Elaine’s position is particularly important as she represents the East District including Upper Monroe neighborhood where the apartment complex would be erected.
Do copy City Council President Loretta Scott at
and your District Council Leader.

Let your voice be heard!

We need MORE apartments in the Southeast with rents of $325 per month and $508 per month, not less. We have plenty of apartments in the $1200 range. We don’t need to landfill 6 buildings, nor INTRUDE UPON AND DOMINATE THE PARK with an apartment complex for a net increase of ONLY 44 apartments.

Cobb’s Hill Village Project Update

Rochester Planning Commission will reconsider the case

MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2018 | 6:30 PM | City Council Chambers @ 30 W. Church Street

The Coalition has been tirelessly advocating for nearly 2 years to save the current apartments that have many years of service left in them and are affordable to Rochester seniors with extremely low incomes.


On January 11, the Planning Commission held this case to give the applicant an opportunity to address their concerns. It is now on This Monday’s Agenda. The project is now bigger in mass than the original proposal from Spring 2016 when Mayor Lovely Warren called that proposal too large in "scale and scope" for the site. The first objection the Commission stated during their 1/11/18 deliberations was to the overall height of the buildings yet the newest plan is still the same 3 stories tall as in January, now with an additional 6th building.

The Coalition for Cobb’s Hill, including the Cobb’s Hill Village Tenant’s Association, remains Strongly Opposed to the proposal. We are opposed to the demolition of the current buildings. The structures are sound. With some routine maintenance they have many, many more years of life in them. They provide affordable, sound housing for seniors with extremely low incomes. We are opposed to their unnecessary destruction and replacement with intrusive, middle-income and market-rate apartments in the midst of the heavily used park. While the current 60 individuals that live there now will be rent-protected, if built, the 104 new apartments will not be affordable to seniors with the same incomes. The new units will all be out of their reach, some dramatically so. Rochester has a very real shortage of apartments affordable to seniors with incomes of $13,000 - $20,000 per year. Rochester needs more, not less such apartments.

You can help STOP this proposed GENTRIFICATION in the midst of the Park.

The building heights are greater than the 25 foot maximum allowed by zoning code in the surrounding park and will eliminate a view of historic Cobb’s Hill along portions of Norris Drive and parkland along Lake Riley. It will intrude, not enhance the park.

PLEASE ATTEND the hearing in the City Council Chambers THIS MONDAY, third floor of City Hall. Come show your support by your presence.You may also briefly speak to the Planning Commission if you choose (you are not required to register beforehand to do so). BRING A NEIGHBOR! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT. SPEAK IF YOU WISH. This case is #4 this time, it won't start as late as it did in January.

IF you are unable to attend, please email your personal comments on the case to by noon on Monday, April 2.

For More Info: Contact

Library Budget News

In the proposed City of Rochester 2018-2019 budget, our branch libraries are slated to cut by $326,000. Now is the time let your voice be heard.

Our libraries are a vital community resource for all of us, and in particular for our impoverished populations. An email from Patricia Uttaro, Director of Rochester Public Library & Monroe County Library System on 3/17/18 provides further information:

“This is the first budget year under the Warren Administration where the library has been asked to submit a significantly reduced budget. All City departments were required to submit budgets with significant cuts. The process the City follows is this: Departments submit their budgets as instructed; the Mayor reviews them, taking into consideration many factors, including public support for and use of the programs and services provided by each department.

The most useful action you and others can take is to provide input at the Citizen Budget Input Session scheduled for Monday March 19 from 6-8 pm at City Hall. If you are not able to attend the session, letters to the Mayor’s Office are also useful.

While we were given a substantial cut to make to the Branch Library budget ($326,000), we were able to do that without service cuts that directly affect the public. We were able to do this by deferring a capital project at the Winton Branch, and by a combination of staff savings through retirements and vacancies, along with minor reductions in things like heat/light/power expenditures, materials, and supplies. In fact, despite the proposed cut (which isn’t definite until we meet with the Mayor in April), we have been able to add new *fulltime* children’s librarian positions to Arnett, Wheatley, and Douglass. Arnett and Douglass will also increase their weekly hours beginning in July.

I truly appreciate your support for our libraries. We are entering an exciting phase for our branch libraries with a full-scale review of buildings and services in process right now. We expect to begin improving facilities and increasing hours & staff in the coming years, based upon the needs of our neighborhoods. Your active support is exactly what we need.”

Mayor Lovely Warren’s email address is:

Monroe Branch Library:

Introduction to Mindfulness

Monday| March 26 | 6:30 PM | Monroe Branch Library

Learn how to establish a regular mindfulness practice and begin to enjoy these many benefits. Research shows that mindfulness meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, lessen depression, and enhance overall well-being. Presenter: Rhea Zweifler, LCSW

SURVEY TO DO: Rochester 2034 Comprehensive Plan Survey

What enhancements, initiatives, investments, priorities would you like to see over the next 15+ years in Rochester?

Rochester 2034 will serve as the fundamental basis for making public and private decisions on land-use regulation and development, future investment and the allocation of critical resources. A city comprehensive plan is a means to promote and protect the general health, safety and welfare of the people and to lay out a course of action for the future social, physical and economic development of the community.

In May 2017, Mayor Warren created a city planning department, which now has four staff. They are seeking input from as many as possible. You can spend as much or little time on it as you wish. The survey is highly interactive. In addition to rating each item, you may comment on any or all of them, and add your own creative idea for the plan. You are also invited to mark on a map places you like, locations that concern you and locations where you would like to see change.

Have a say in the future of our City! Access it at

Wide Water Gardens’ Open Registration

Saturday | March 24 | 11:00 – Noon | Monroe Library

Did you know the largest community garden in Rochester is right here in Upper Monroe Neighborhood! It's at the end of Rosedale Street.The 2018 open registration event will be at the Monroe Library on March 24 from 11a.m. to Noon. If you are looking to become a new garden member or upgrade a current registration, here is your chance!

Plot rental fees are as follows $20 for a 4'x4’ plot, $35 for a 4'X12’ plot and $45 for a 12'x12’ plot. Please bring payment in the form of cash or a check.Hope to see you there!

Monroe Farmers’ Market – 2018 Volunteers Needed!

Will you Volunteer:

Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers direct from the farmers, live music and a visit with neighbors – the Wednesday afternoon market has been a GREAT benefit to all of us along Monroe Avenue. Heading into the 2018 season, it is essential for a number of NEW volunteers to come forward. Might you? Needs are for an operations manager, advertising coordinator, volunteer coordinators, newsletter coordinator, and folks to get signs up each week. Contact Allen Krisiloff at for more information & to volunteer! SEE HERE

English as a Second Language Classes

Free offering at Winton Library.

See here for details.

Spring is Coming… Crime Prevention Notes

You’ve heard it before, or experienced it yourself already – here’s our Spring Safety reminder: Don’t leave any items of value in your car.Ever. Whether or not you lock your car. Whether or not you park in a garage, in a drive, or on the street. Or will only be a few minutes. Just don’t leave anything you want to see again in your car. 12 months a year.Our neighborhood is pretty darn safe. It is.But routinely cars and garages are ransacked, packages disappear off front porches, items are stolen. Don't be caught off guard.

Call 911: If you experience a theft from your vehicle or otherwise, or see anything suspicious in the neighborhood, DO call it in.At every single meeting with RPD, neighborhood leaders are asked to encourage residents to report suspicious activity and crimes.RPD works hard to protect us. They need us to do our part and let them know what is happening.

Bike Registration Program Available: RPD has advised that City residents can use to register your bikes online.Should it end up recovered from a non-reported crime incident, the owners can be contacted thru the link to retrieve their property. (Though, please read above, and report thefts.)


Watch the News for upcoming Public Input Meetings.

Go to to learn about the plan online.

Go to to submit your input.

Go to to join an email distribution list for news and announcements regarding this initiative.

Brief Survey: Rochester Land Use

What are your thoughts, what is important to you? SURVEY HERE

It’s a Matter of Balance – Free Four Week Class starts Monday, February 19

Mondays and Wednesdays | 10:00 – 12:00 | Cobb’s Hill Manor | 1175 Monroe Ave

Lifespan is offering their highly-regarded 8 session class and Cobb’s Hill Manor is opening their doors to us. No pre-registration needed. SEE HERE

Transit Development Survey

5 Minutes to Complete

The City is also studying which major streets have the best potential for "transit supportive development." Please take a moment to complete by clicking on the link.

SENSC Financial Aspirations Survey

The Rochester Public Library and Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester are partnering to learn more about our community’s personal financial aspirations. Below you will find a short, open answer survey that we hope you can pass along to your co-workers and the community members you serve. The link for the survey is Participants who complete the survey will have the opportunity to enter a raffle for a FREE financial toolkit by Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester.

Take a Survey - River in South Wedge

Have a voice in planning the park along the river in South Wedge. SEE HERE

Job Postings at University of Rochester

There is a total of 43 Job Postings within the attached documents HERE

Ever take the bus in Rochester?

Tips from a local traveler HERE

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