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Mission Statement

The Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association (UMNA) is a not-for-profit advocacy group representing the 3,300 residents and property owners in the Upper Monroe Neighborhood.

Our goals are to:

  • Ascertain the needs and concerns of the neighborhood
  • Provide a forum that focuses on those needs and concerns
  • Serve as a vehicle to take positive action to address those needs and concerns


  • UMNA dues are collected annually by Calendar Year – January 1st. to December 31st.
  • Please note that UMNA does not solicit memberships door-to-door, but only through the newsletter or by mail (Please download UMNA Membership Form, print and send) –and now online.
  • Questions about membership? Email me at ChrisatUMNA@gmail.com . And thank you for your support!
  • UMNA ByLaws


In 1840, C.F. Crosman founded the Crosman Seed House at 901 Monroe Avenue. By 1890, it was one of the largest seed houses in the world, encompassing over 1,200 acres. Until it was sold in 1925, the Crosman Seed Company defined the Upper Monroe Neighborhood. Its legacy lives on today in the pride that Upper Monroe homeowners take in their yards and gardens, and the affinity that residents feel toward their parks and open spaces.


Upper Monroe’s greatest asset is its sense of community. Residents enjoy the “connectivity” that city living offers, holding block parties and “meet your neighbor” nights. They enjoy the neighborhood’s special character, which defines all that is best about city living. The neighborhood is comprised of 1,400 households with approximately 3,300 residents. It is a diverse neighborhood of owners, renters, old-timers, just-in-towners, restaurants, and faith institutions.


Upper Monroe residents take pride in the architecture of their houses, mostly built in the 1910s and 1920s. The neighborhood boasts a variety of architectural styles, including Colonial Revival and American Foursquare. A Claude Bragdon home is one of the special finds in Upper Monroe.

UMNA area

Learn more about the Upper Monroe Neighborhood from the City of Rochester’s page: Southeast Quadrant – Upper Monroe Neighborhood

A Nearby Urban Forest

Washington Grove Park

Washington Grove Forest

About Washington Grove

“Washington Grove is a city owned woodland area nestled on the eastern edge of Cobbs Hill Reservoir. In 2008, a coalition of park users and surrounding neighbors came together to develop a management plan for Washington Grove. The coalition produced a draft management plan which suggested some actions aimed at preserving and restoring the Grove. This was provided to the City for review. With some modifications the plan was adopted and became the basis for an annual City work plan designed to improve the conditions of Washington Grove and reinforce its commitment to preserving the beauty of and access to the area.” City of Rochester, NY

Learn about the Washington Grove Preservation Project and help out by first checking out Friend of Washington Grove Park Facebook.

Published on Oct 25, 2010 | Volunteers planting native plants, clearing invasive plants, lining trails, and clipping brush.Three volunteer work days have been scheduled to assist in the completion of the City of Rochester Work Plan for Washington Grove. For more information go to: Washington Grove Preservation Project

Where Do You Want to Live?

Many of us live here because we choose to live here; others for one reason or another ended up here, but one thing is true for us all: Our neighborhood is what we make it.  Each of us is responsible is some small way for the quality of life that all of us experience.  So often we see trash left by someone else and we assume it is not our responsibility to take care of it.  While this may be true, it doesn’t actually make sense to continually assume that others will take care of their own responsibility.  Things can happen inadvertently, in which case the responsible party isn’t even aware of it.  In any case, our entire neighborhood suffers when unsightly trash is left, so we are punishing ourselves when we leave trash strewn about, even when we did not put it there.  UMNA has held an annual spring cleanup (more fun than you would think) for many years, but remember that keeping our neighborhood clean is a yearlong endeavor that is in everyone’s best interest.


Upper Monroe is located less than 1.5 miles from downtown Rochester, a 3-minute car ride or short bus ride along the popular #7 line. Upper Monroe encompasses 17 streets that intersect Monroe Avenue between I-490 and Culver Road. Residents can walk to: Popular East End, Corn Hill, and Park Avenue Festivals Geva Theatre and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Public Library, YMCA, and many other neighborhood-friendly businesses located on eclectic Monroe Avenue Cultural institutions along East Avenue and Park Avenue


Cobbs Hill Park, with its beautiful reservoir, tennis courts, and athletic fields, forms the southeastern boundary of the neighborhood. Almost everyone takes advantage of the reservoir for walking, jogging, roller-blading, or just gazing at the spectacular view of the skyline. Highland Park, designed by world-renowned landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, and world famous for its Lilac Festival, is also within walking distance. The Lamberton Conservatory and the Highland Bowl offer opportunities to partake in a variety of horticultural and musical events. Pinnacle Hill, part of the “emerald necklace” of parks ringing the area, is full of wildlife not often found in an urban setting. Pinnacle Hill has long added a unique signature to the Upper Monroe neighborhood. Rising majestically out of the surrounding plain, the 748-foot summit is the highest point in the city. On a clear day one can see both the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario.

Check out this article (and video) about our neighborhood:

Upper Monroe | democratandchronicle.com | Democrat and Chronicle Date established: In 1840, C.F Crosman founded the Crosman Seed House at 901 Monroe Avenue. By 1890 it was one of the largest seed houses in the world, covering over 1,200 acres. The neighborhood grew up around the company, with most of the homes built in the 1910s and 1920s. The Crosman Seed House was sold in 1925. Number of households: 1,400 households are home to approximately 3,300 residents. Link to website:http://www.uppermonroeavenue.org/index.htm Description: Upper Monroe includes 17 streets that intersect Monroe Avenue between I-490 and Culver Road. The neighborhood is located 1.5 miles from downtown, with easy access to the East End, Geva Theater, the public library and other downtown destinations.  (June 22, 09) democratandchronicle.com | Democrat and Chronicle | Rochester news, community, entertainment, yellow pages and classifieds. Serving Rochester, New York

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