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Uprooting Invasives -Volunteer Day. Saturday, June 11, 9-11 AM, Nunda Entrance

Join the Friends of Washington Grove for another day to help rid the Grove of invasive species.  Thanks to your efforts, we have successfully removed hundreds of Norway maple and sycamore maple trees and saplings. Now we are focusing on shrubs, mainly Autumn olive and Japanese honeysuckle and non-native Euonymus.

We remove these species because, lacking natural controls, they spread rapidly, crowd out our native species and reduce the diversity of plants tremendously. Many of you have remarked on the abundance of regrowth in the forest and spread of native ground cover -ferns and flowers.  What a difference our efforts have already made!

Please join us Saturday, June 11, 9 – 11 AM (or 11:30 AM if you are able). We will be using tree wrenches to uproot large shrubs, and loppers to reduce the brush produced. We may also be doing some watering of specimens we planted earlier this Spring if conditions are dry. Includes a short intro to the natural history of the Grove.

Meet at the Nunda entrance off Cobbs Hill Drive, 9 AM. Work day will be cancelled if thunderstorms or high winds occur. Wear sturdy shoes or work boots, work gloves(some available at site also), and long pants. A sturdy shovel and or loppers are helpful but we have extras too. Mosquito repellent recommended.

If you have questions, please reply to this email.

the Friends of Washington Grove

About Washington Grove

“Washington Grove is a city owned woodland area nestled on the eastern edge of Cobbs Hill Reservoir. In 2008, a coalition of park users and surrounding neighbors came together to develop a management plan for Washington Grove. The coalition produced a draft management plan which suggested some actions aimed at preserving and restoring the Grove. This was provided to the City for review. With some modifications the plan was adopted and became the basis for an annual City work plan designed to improve the conditions of Washington Grove and reinforce its commitment to preserving the beauty of and access to the area.” City of Rochester, NY

Published on Oct 25, 2010 | Volunteers planting native plants, clearing invasive plants, lining trails, and clipping brush.Three volunteer work days have been scheduled to assist in the completion of the City of Rochester Work Plan for Washington Grove. For more information go to: Washington Grove Preservation Project

Get the latest on Washington Grove:

The Friends of Washington Grove, Inc. (FOWG) are about to begin a new season of activities in Washington Grove one of which will be the planting of native plant materials.  The generous contributions of  Washington Grove neighbors and supporters has made possible the buying of plants not eligible for purchase through the tree fund managed by the City of Rochester.  To continue to be able to buy such plants as well as to fund other work in the grove, the Board of the FOWG has established a Development Committee to promote fundraising and to seek out sources of grants to further our work.  We invite you, our supporters, to join us in this endeavor.   Do you have ideas for effective fundraising?  Are you aware of sources of grants that we could apply for?  Do you have any fundraising/development expertise that you are willing to share?  Would you be interested in joining our committee or to attend a meeting to share your ideas?

If you would like to help us please respond to Mary Olinger at meolinger@frontier.com  We would like to set a meeting date in the near future and welcome your response as soon as possible.

Learn about this great organization, more about the park, and how you can get involved in the park’s future:


Contact us at: friendsofwashingtongrove@gmail.com, and Facebook

Washington Grove forms part of Cobb’s Hill Park, a park acquired by the City of Rochester, NY in 1912 through a combination of public funding and private donations.  The Grove comprises about 26 acres of relatively undisturbed old growth forest of great scientific interest for its geological, botanical, and ecological character, and it is also valuable for the citizens of Rochester and surrounding communities as a public amenity and green lung. The Grove is extensively used and appreciated by walkers and runners, both individually and in organized events, representing various constituencies within the city and the region.  It is a way station for migrating birds in both the spring and fall, and so is important to birdwatchers. Since 2008 the Grove has been the site of restoration activities carried out by a volunteer group, The Friends of Washington Grove, Inc. in collaboration with the relevant city offices.

We achieve these purposes by:

  • Raising funds for trees, shrubs, and groundcovers native to Washington Grove.
  • Creating an annual work plan that we carry out in conjunction with relevant City staff.
  • Organizing work parties to plant native species, remove invasive species, and cover vulnerable trails with (donated) wood chips.
  • Influence the City to allocate resources to Washington Grove. (An example is an on-going consultancy that will make recommendations on the improvement of trails and entries.)
  • Providing guided tours of Washington Grove.
  • Seeking to educate the public about the grove.


Planned Public 2016 Work Days & Tours

  • April 16th: Planting – dependent on plant material delivery, if not, invasive removal.
  • April 30th: Clean Sweep; planting or invasive removal
  • May 12th: Day of Caring; planting or invasive removal
  • June 9: Thursday evening tour
  • June 11th: invasive removal
  • July and August – TBD – possible small work parties
  • July 28th – Thursday evening tour
  • September – University of Rochester Wilson Day – TBD
  • September/October – RIT – TBD
  • October 8  – invasive removal
  • Oct 15 – Fall Foliage tour
  • Nov 5 or 12 – wood chips – TBD

Chip Laying Work Party

  • Work days usually run from 9:00 to 11:30/12:00.
  • Tours are in the afternoon or early evening.
  • All are advertised through our email and by the City of Rochester.