UMNA Gardens

UMNA maintains six decorative neighborhood gardens.  This does not happen without the help of  many volunteers.  Volunteers meet at a different garden each week (Wednesdays 6-7 pm) to  perform routine maintenance and occasionally, more serious interventions.  If you can help out, pleases contact Jane Alexander at  It’s a great way to meet your neighbors, share gardening tips, and have fun!  No experience necessary!

Butterfly Garden at Cobb’s Hill Park

View of Lake Riley from the Butterfly Garden

Garden at Belmont Street

Front view of Belmont Street garden

Neighborhood entranceway at Monroe and Culver

Neighborhood entranceway at Monroe and Engel Place

Garden at Monroe and Laburnam

Street view of Laburnam garden

Planter (one of four) at Monroe and Rosedale

Wide Water Gardens (behind Rosedale and Hinsdale). Learn more here.


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