Notes from RPD

Auto Larcenies Haven’t Gone Away

Here’s what we can do to help ourselves regarding thefts from vehicles:

  • LOCK YOUR VEHICLE, even if you’re just “running into the house.”  These are crimes of opportunity.
  • DO NOT leave purses, wallets, computers, GPS systems, loose change, etc., in your car, especially in plain sight!  In most instances, these individuals are simply walking along through backyards, unseen and undetected, trying door handles on cars.
  • DO NOT leave a spare key in your glove compartment!  It’s the first place they look and they then can check your trunk after they’ve rummaged through your car.
  • Record serial numbers or engrave some sort of identifying mark on your belongings.  In the event they are stolen, you will be able to identify and reclaim them should they be found.
  • LOCK AND SECURE your garage and/or shed.
  • You should ALWAYS CALL 911 if you find items missing from your vehicle, garage, etc.  Reported incidents are how RPD keeps track of crime patterns developing in neighborhoods.
  • Make sure that the exterior of your home/apartment are well lit!  If you have motion-sensor lights, it was suggested by one officer that rather than having the light shine on the ground, point it towards your neighbor’s bedroom window (after asking them of course!) and have them do the same!  Even with window blinds down, if the light is activated in the wee hours, it will alert one of you that there is activity in the backyard or driveway.
  • If outdoor lighting is inadequate at your rental property, contact your Landlord!  Your safety should be his concern.
  • Lastly, if you see someone or something suspicious, PLEASE CALL 911.  Officers would rather come out and find nothing, than to arrive too late after an actual crime has been committed.  YOU’RE WORTH THE TRIP!

Ever walk anywhere with your nose in your phone?

You are creating a Crime of Opportunity that’s so common it has a name – Apple Picking.  Car pulls up with multiple occupants and demands your phone, wallet while they’re at it, it happens so fast and it’s happened in Upper Monroe.


If you see pan-handlers with signs asking for $, approaching cars… call RPD.

Package Thefts

The holidays behind us, yet it’s still worth noting: as much as possible, do be sure to have someone at home when you are expecting a delivery.  If that can’t be arranged, consider having the package held at the local UPS/Fed-Ex/etc. office for you to retrieve.

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