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Cobbs Hill


The Cobbs Hill Reservoir has been a vital part of the Upper Monroe neighborhood for about a hundred years; the City acquired the hilltop in 1904 and completed this 140,000,000 gallon reservoir in 1908. Strolling around the reservoir may be our neighborhood’s most enjoyable pastime.

But big changes may be ahead. Last June, the City of Rochester engaged a firm to study its three reservoirs (Cobbs Hill, Highland, and Rush) in response to a new regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency. A new EPA rule requires that 'finished water' reservoirs be covered or the water treated to prevent activation of two viruses (giardia and cryptosporidium).

Water systems must be in compliance or have an approved plan by 2009. The firm O'Brien and Gere will analyze this issue and evaluate options that will conform to these new regulations. The EPA, in its regulations, has noted that some water systems will have to remove their reservoirs from service. The Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association needs to monitor this situation to ensure that we do not lose one of our neighborhood’s most important assets. If you are interested in getting involved in this issue for yourself and your neighbors, contact Josh Bauroth at 429-5445.

Gate House at Cobbs Hill Park

  (photo from VintageViews)