BoulevART Refresh

UMNA’s BoulevART got refreshed.

Neighbors came together and refreshed our BoulevART project at Werner Park at Hinsdale | Go here to get the whole story: BoulevART Refresh


Last Saturday, June 18, UMNA folks got together and gave our BoulevART project a fresh coat of paint.


UMNA BoulevArt Project 2014

Special thanks to our neighbors/artists/paint mixers, photographers/ and BoulevART experts, Jacqueline and Jeff Monin.

Click here for the YouTube video.

[Artist Jackie Monin and project manager John Thomas talk about the city of Rochester, New York’s BouleArt project in the Upper Monroe Neighborhood that beautifully calms traffic and provided a wonderful day of community celebrating.  ]


[Above is the winning design.]

(Below is the map of the BoulevArt Location: Corner of Hinsdale Street & Werner Park. Click to enlarge map.)

Brilliant panoramic photos of the BoulevART. Click to enlarge.


Lots of photos of your friends and neighbor making a BoulevArt day of it.  Check back soon as more folks are taking sending more photos of this great event.

[Click on photos to enlarge]

* A great big Thank You to Sherwin Williams for donating the painting supplies?  The City purchased the paints but mostly everything else (brushes, 5 gal pails, drop clothes, rollers….etc.) was donated by them.