Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association


UMNA dues are collected annually by Calendar Year - January 1st. to December 31st.

Go to the right-hand side and click on the "Join UMNA" button to pay your yearly UMNA dues online.

Please note that UMNA does not solicit memberships door-to-door, but only through the newsletter or by mail--and now online.

Washington Grove Park

Take a walk in the forest...

tennis at Cobbs Hill Park

play tennis

UMNA Winter Party 2013

UMNA Winter Party at the Tay House in Cobbs Hill Park


UMNA Membership Form

Name: ____________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________________ Email*: ____________________________________________________  

 *  You can provide your email address to receive periodic email updates (3-4/month). In our mailings, your address is hidden from other UMNA members, and is not distributed to anyone else (we’re all fed up with spam!).  

*  Please print carefully    

Annual Dues:

$20 Household

$10 Senior Citizen, Student

 $40 Business, Landlord

$_______ - Donation to the Monroe Avenue Beautification     Fund

$_______ - Additional support    

Make checks payable to: UMNA    

Mail or deliver to:  Jane Alexander, 63 Avondale Park Or deliver to:          Chris Stevens, 179 Crosman Terrace

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