The Corner Place Arts Academy

969 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620             (585) 256-2720

Spring Term 2010      March 3 to April 15

Wednesdays & Thursday    ages 6 to 12


Art       Teacher: Amy Graham

Dance Classes       Teacher: Carol Hubbell


Exploring Spring: Painting and mixed media


Thursday           ages 6 to 8                  at 5:10 – 6:00


Thursday            ages 9 to 12                   at 4:15 - 5:05



Jazz and hip hop   (students need loose, comfortable                                clothing and bare feet –no socks or tights)


Wednesday  ages 6 to 8       at 3:15 – 4:05


Wednesday  ages 9 to 12      at 4:10 – 5:10


Drama Classes        Teacher: Marcy Gamzon with special GEVA workshops

Corner Place Friends

Visits each week with some of our favorite friends including Writers & Books, artists, musicians and more surprises.


Thursday              ages 6 to 8                     at 4:15 - 5:05


Thursday              ages 9 to 12                    at 5:10 - 6:10



Wednesday        ages  9 to12           at 3:15- 4:05


Wednesday        ages  6 to 8            at 4:10 - 5:00


Note:  Register early: some class sizes are limited.             Program ends with art show and performance--location to be announced.


Registration Form – (tear off and return this part)

Return to:         Joyce Perry’s mailbox at School  #35 or

By -email to:       include all information, or

By phone to:   Char at 392-9035           If no answer, leave a message with your name and phone number and the best time to reach you, and we’ll call you back.


Name of Class

Name of student

Boy or Girl? and age

“Friends” Class on Wednesday



Dance on Wednesday



Art on Thursday



Drama on Thursday




Name of student:________________________________________________


Address:_______________________________________________________  Zip Code:_______________


School attending:________________________________________________


Name of parent or contact person:___________________________________________________________


Phone Number ________________________Email _____________________________________________


Children who live in the Upper Monroe Neighborhood and families of children who attend School #35 may participate with a $5.00 registration fee.  Others may register by tuition of $30/course Fees are due on the first day of class.  Please make checks payable to TPC/Corner Place