4/29 – Washington Grove Work Party

Washington Grove News and First Work Party of the Season

Saturday morning, April 29, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 or so.

We will be planting what we anticipate will be beautiful young black, white, and scarlet oaks. So, if you love planting, please plan to spend the morning with us. We will gather at the Nunda Blvd. entrance to the Grove rain or shine, unless there are high winds or it is absolutely pouring. Bring a shovel or work gloves if you have then. If not, we will provide.

The excellent news is that we have for some time concerned about a woolly adelgid infestation in the hemlock grove bordering Washington Grove. Woolly adelgid a native of Asia, is an aphid-like insect that has few natural predators in this country and is deadly to hemlocks. We have been working with the City forester on the issue, and he’s just informed us that he has managed to find funds from within a tight budget and is in the process of contracting with a local company to spray the trees to protect them. This spraying should protect the trees for five years, which gives us time to plan for the future.


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